Custom Hex Glass Jar Pricing / Case 2016

There is nothing like beautiful, clear glass to show off your honey! With a combination of grace and elegance, our timeless Hex Glass Jars are sure to be a “crowd pleaser” !
We use URBAN FUSION Honey to fill each bottle with care , just the way the bees intended.index




CN-266 24 pack 3 oz (85.04 g) Hex Jar

CN-267 12 pack 6 oz (170.09 g) Hex Jar

CN-268 12 pack 9 oz (255.14 g) Hex Jar

CN-269 12 pack 12 oz (340.19 g) Hex or

Skep Jar $85/case

CN-141 12 pack 14 oz (340.19 g) Glass Bear